CommunityAppz is a unique app that offers rich community based interactions. Starting from connecting people to ensuring collaborative interaction, the app does it all.

CommunityAppz is a unique platform for connecting communities. From residential colonies, cultural groups, religious communities to associations of professionals, the people who matter most shall always be at hand.

As opposed to social networks where updates and messages are so frequent that they become a burden, CommunityAppz is aimed a more community centric exchange. Announce news of special days, tell them of your next picnics, invite them to your anniversaries – all through one simple process that is easier and to the point unlike chatting and messaging systems.

Barter, buy or sell your possessions to those you trust instead of going to the outside world. Ask each other for help, whether you’re looking for a new job, a painter or a mechanic. And we know that you are a part of different communities – we won’t make you choose. Join CommunityAppz to engage with any number of communities you want to. Take a look at our complete set of features today!


Notify your members what you would like them to know. Tell each other about general announcements, special events, new developments. Learn More

Need Help

Ask each other for help. From employment opportunities to even a cup of sugar. Bring your community closer by helping each other out. Learn More


Buy and sell your possessions within the community. Why go to strangers when people you trust are around? Learn More

Run it for free!

Vendors around you will love to advertise their discounts tailored to your community. With this mutual benefit, the community will never incur any cost!